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Doctor and Master Sha

Doctor & Master Zhi Gang Sha is a bestselling author, healer, Tao grandmaster, teacher, and so very much more

He has written twenty-five books, including eleven New York Times bestsellers.

Doctor & Master Sha has, from China, both a Western medicine MD degree, and doctor of traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture degree.

He began, at age six with a master, studying tai chi and eventually himself became an iChing, feng shui, and tai chi master.

Doctor & Master Sha combines ancient wisdom and Western medicine creating Body, Mind, Soul Medicine and Tao teachings helping humanity.

Doctor & Master Sha is an Asian arts grandmaster, and Fifth World Congress on Qigong, in 2002, name Doctor & Master Sha Qigong Master of the Year

Doctor & Master Sha, with the creation Tao Calligraphy, has received the highest Chinese calligraphy honors holding the position, National Chinese Calligraphy Master, and being Beijing China’s State Ethnic Academy of Painting’s Honorable Researcher Professor.

Doctor & Master Sha founded the Tao Academy intending, through classes, retreats, training, and workshops, sharing Tao practices and wisdom, and twelve worldwide centers are now open.

The Sha Research Foundation has sponsored scientific research studies confirming the benefits Tao Calligraphy and Tao practices provide,

Doctor & Master Sha, a renowned humanitarian, founded the Love Peace Harmony Foundation and received for his service to humanity, widespread recognition, including tThe Martin Luther King, Jr. Commemorative Commission Award Promoting World Peace.

Doctor & Master Sha’s, in his recent book, Tao Calligraphy Healing Field: Six Sacred Tao Techniques to Empower You To Heal and Transform Your Life, presents valuable techniques and wisdom helping people experience more inner harmony, joy, love, peace, and more.

Please, for more information, visit Doctor & Master Sha’s website,

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