• Expand Your Understanding & Appreciation of 
    How Your CONSCIENCE Can Work for You

    Every day you are expected to successfully balance all your personal, and professional responsibilities. In the process of doing so, you inevitably face many expectations and challenges. The AMI Meditation® course will provide you 36 tools to easily transform the debilitating energy of stress, worry and burnout into positive healing energy and creativity––by employing the Super Conscious Wisdom of Your Conscience.

    What is the AMI MEDITATION® course?

    For thousands of years, countless women and men have developed methods to optimize their minds and bodies––with the goal of achieving happiness and fulfillment in this lifetime. The AMI Meditation®course is the only such program offered today. It presents practical modern day interpretations of the time-tested wisdom contained in the world’s oldest spiritual and meditation tradition.

    The term “Yoga Science” describes AMI Meditation® Foundation Course. This curriculum was developed and is taught at AMI by educator, philosopher and scientist Leonard Perlmutter (Ram Lev). It is a holistic program that incorporates mind/body medicine, AMI Meditation®, meditation-in-action, easy-gentle yoga, breathing exercises, philosophy, and psychology. Each weekly lecture combines the best of ancient Eastern wisdom with the practicality of modern Western medical science.

    What People are Saying — Course Participants Share the Benefits

    Change Your Mind, Change Your Life

    Yoga Science begins with an understanding of the Four Functions of the Mind, as described in the book YOUR CONSCIENCE by Leonard Perlmutter (Ram Lev). When you understand how your mind works, you can begin to learn new habits that will lead to better health and more joy. You have unlimited wisdom and creativity at your core – you just need to learn a few tools to quiet the voices of the Ego, the Senses, and the Unconscious Mind in order to access this wisdom through your Conscience. Leonard shares his vast insights in the AMI Meditation Foundation Course®, and then supports you as you employ them in your daily life.

    Why take the AMI MEDITATION COURSE®?

    In your present situation, you are expected to successfully balance all your personal, professional and family responsibilities. In the process of doing so, you face many expectations and challenges. The AMI Meditation® Foundation Course will teach you how to transform the debilitating energy associated with the stresses and pressures we all are bound to encounter in life.

    Since 2009, the AMI Meditation® course has been accredited by the American Medical Association for continuing medical education credits, a status awarded only to those educational programs that meet the highest standards of professional review.

    The skills taught in the AMI Meditation® Foundation Course are essential survival skills. You will learn a comprehensive set of daily self-care practices that can help you immediately reduce stress AND maintain and enhance your short-and long-term physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health and well being. By employing the tools you receive, you’ll be able to:

    • Identify and manage the challenges that often lead to stress, burnout or interpersonal difficulties
    • Enhance your problem-solving abilities
    • Achieve a healthier and more rewarding balance in your life by learning how to actualize your own intuitive Super Conscious Wisdom
    • Strengthen physical health, including boosting your immune system and reducing pain
    • Honor emotional and spiritual needs
    • Nurture loving relationships
    • Deepen your spiritual journey
    • Find inner peace, happiness and security


  • What will you learn in the AMI MEDITATION® COURSE?

    The AMI Meditation® Foundation Course offers an introduction to the key elements of the comprehensive system of Yoga Science:

    WEEK 1

      • An educational body of knowledge for health & healing
      • History, philosophy & benefits of meditation
      • How to use the mind to make the best choices
      • How to access the “Super-Conscious” mind
      • Understanding pain as an agent for healing
      • The transformative power of sacrifice
      • Increasing energy, will power and creativity
      • The power of desire & attention
      • Creative actions rather than reactionary responses
      • Antidotes for worry, stress and depression
      • Introduction to Mantra Science

    WEEK 2

    AMI MEDITATION® (Seated Meditation and “Meditation-in-Action”)
      • Systematic procedure for seated meditation
      • How to diminish distractions
      • Training one-pointed attention for creativity
      • The one-minute meditation
      • Meditation-in-Action: using what you’ve learned throughout the day to respond skillfully when faced with any emotionally triggering relationship
      • Mantra Science: World’s greatest mantras and how to use thoughts and mantra in the healing process
      • How mantra vibrations promote health

    WEEK 3

      • The meaning of prana (life force)
      • How breathing irregularities foster dis-ease
      • Diaphragmatic breathing for pulmonary health
      • Complete (three-part) yogic breath
      • The health benefits of the Vagus Nerve
      • Yogic postures for healthy breathing
      • Alternate nostril breathing for energy & psychological balance

    WEEK 4

      • Coordinating the Four Functions of the Mind: Conscience, Ego, Senses/Logic, and Unconscious Mind
      • Managing thoughts, desires and emotions
      • How to experience freedom from fear
      • The power of the present moment
      • Channeling the four primitive urges
      • Anatomy of your real being
      • Building and healing relationships
      • How to deal with internal weather patterns

    WEEK 5

      • Understanding the physiology/anatomy of Easy-Gentle Yoga
      • Two sets of Easy-Gentle Yoga stretches & exercises offered in Videos provide long-term support
      • Introduction to Ayurveda, the sister science of Yoga – including the three doshas (body constitutions): Vata, Pitta, and Kapha and how to support each one

    WEEK 6

      • The practical benefit of contemplation
      • Creating a personal therapeutic care plan
      • Learning to budget your time
      • Integrating spiritual beliefs
      • The healing power of prayer
      • How to keep a meditation practice going & working for you

    During this class Leonard will guide you to answer these important questions for yourself:

            • Who am I?
            • From where have I come?
            • Why am I here?
            • What’s to be done?
            • Where will I go when the body is no more?


    AMI Thought Energy Equation

    By attending the AMI MEDITATION® course, you will learn how to use the formula D = E + W + C in your daily life. This formula will enable you to transform the contracting and debilitating power of FEAR, ANGER and SELF-WILLED DESIRE into positive and expansive reserves of HEALING ENERGY, WILL POWER AND INCREASED CREATIVITY!


    In 2008, AMI conducted a retrospective case study of participants who recently completed Leonard Perlmutter’s six-week AMI Meditation® course.

    The findings included these positive, life-enhancing, health-promoting changes:

    • Significant reductions in stress and fear
    • Decreased anxiety and depression

    • Lowered blood pressure

    • Lowered heart rate

    • Improved restorative sleep

    • Improved energy levels

    • Increased creative capacity

    • Diminishment of migraine headaches
    • Decrease of irritable bowel symptoms

    • Enhanced happiness and optimism
    • Reduced cholesterol levels
    • Diminished or extinguished acute and chronic pain
    • Weight Loss
    • Increased breathing capacity






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