“If you do not stand firm in your faith, you will not stand at all.”

~ Isaiah 7:9 ~

Trust, according to Merriam-Webster Dictionary, is “one in which confidence is placed.”  Trust is the basis for every solid relationship and is the supernatural fiber that connects divine and human.  Trust is different than understanding.  It is possible to understand something and trust it or not, the same way it is possible to trust someone or something with or without understanding.  Trust is humble recognition that there is someone who knows more or is able to handle a situation better than we can.  Trust is a willingness to give up our illusions about ourselves and the situation in exchange for the truth.  It is openness to changing our perspective and releasing our desire to control.  It is doing our best and letting God/J do the rest.  Trust is the ultimate test of faith as it believes based on an inner knowing versus believing based solely on evidence.

“You will keep in perfect peace those whose minds are steadfast, because they trust in you.”

~ Isaiah 26:3 ~

God/J only asks that we trust, which means keeping our focus only on Him, and, in so doing, we are promised perfect peace.  Notice the phrase, “perfect peace”, which means peace in all areas of life, body, heart, mind, and soul.  One of the greatest and most challenging things we can do is trust God/J for all things, to believe Him even if the physical evidence says otherwise.  The devil works hard to convince us that when things aren’t going the way we hoped that God/J has forgotten about us or isn’t hearing our prayers.  It is easy, during times of growth, for us to forget all the wonderful blessings God/J has given us in the past, all the promises He has made for us to prosper, and to wonder if it is ever going to get better.  We are constantly presented with opportunities let go and let God/J, to put God/J above all else, and to trust God/J loves us and is working all things out for our good.

Two pieces of iron enter the fire.

The first has little tolerance for the fire,

and, believing his master has forgotten him, jumps out.

The second, while finding the fire uncomfortable,

trusts his master to pull him out at the perfect time.

The first piece of iron becomes a horseshoe.

The second piece of iron becomes a spring in a Rolex watch.

Which piece of iron are You?

Trust is the main ingredient of faith, and faith is the foundation of miracles. Faith is a spiritual muscle, and it only grows as it is tested.  The resistance of weight on the muscle is what strengthens it, the same way our faith grows through testing and usage.  The human race is being offered an invitation to grow in faith, to have a deeper relationship with God/J, to mature in spiritual awareness, to evolve to a higher state of consciousness, and for this, there is an admittance fee, which is faith.  People are experiencing life-altering events including:  financial security being redefined, loved ones (both people and pets) abruptly passing from the physical to spiritual realm, relationships transitioning, and time dissolving faster than ever.  We are required to create new solutions as old methodologies are rendered ineffective.   The slate is being wiped clean as anything we have been avoiding; anything swept under the emotional carpet and cleverly hidden in our mental corners is being brought into light for examination and release.  The change we prayed for is here, even if it is in a different package than we expected or hoped.  We are being redefined and refined to step fully into the new decade of greater spiritual consciousness.  We are being offered the choice to believe  God’s/J’s promise of working all things out for good or not.  We are being offered a greater opportunity to experience mature Love.

“But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.”

~ Matthew 6:33 ~

It is easy to Love when a person or situation is lovable.  It requires greater courage, humility, openness, patience, and strength to believe, Love, and trust when a person or situation seems unlovable in one way or another.  The question then becomes, “Am I loving for the sake of loving, an opportunity to give Love, or am I loving with expectations, a way of getting Love?  Spiritual maturity chooses the former and Loves especially when it asks more of the individual.  Surviving Haitians, following a massive hurricane in January 2010, were heard praising God/J and singing so loudly that passengers could hear them as their airplanes landed on Haiti.  How could they praise and worship at such a time when precious loved ones and prize possessions disappeared in an instant?  They were focused on what God/J was providing for them in the moment, counting the blessings God/J was continuing to bestow on them in the form of help and supplies, and aware of the Love they still were able to give.  They found joy in focusing on God/J and sharing Love in one of its most powerful, purest forms, gratitude.

“In God We Trust”

~ United States currency ~

Pioneers of the United States left England with a vision of something better, a country where all men were equal under God/J.  The desired change came with a hefty price, which meant exchanging certainty for uncertainty, comfort for discomfort, and risking their lives for freedom.  Their vision of what could be and supreme trust in their God/J, whom they believed to be Almighty God, Creator of Heaven and Earth, motivated them to bravely leave everything familiar with the intention of creating a legacy of equality and freedom for their grandchildren’s grandchildren.  “In God We Trust”, first appeared on U.S. coins in 1864 and on U.S. paper currency in 1957.  Trusting God/J means believing Him (versus worrying or looking to others) to provide innovation, instructions, and resources to prosper in every way in any circumstance.  I trust God/J.  How about You?

“Let us tenderly and kindly cherish, therefore, the means of knowledge.

Let us dare to read, think, speak, and write.”

~ John Adams ~

America is being offered an opportunity to take up her faith again, to carry on the legacy created for her by her grandparent’s’ grandparents.  She is being nurtured and pruned to grow healthy and strong as her people are being asked to step up and be all they can be.  The time for coasting is over, and we are being asked to put into practice what we have learned.  We are being asked to put into practice everything we have learned, to be the change we seek in the world, to be the leaders we desire to have, to be the catalyst for change in our churches, governments, homes, offices, and schools.  We are being asked to step up.  We are being asked to hold a vision in our hearts and work without ceasing toward making that vision a reality.  We are being asked to reclaim, redefine, rejuvenate, renew, and replenish ourselves and those around us.  We are caterpillars invited to step inside the cocoon to become beautiful butterflies.  We are being offered the opportunity to be Love Ambassadors, to Love when and where and whom it is most difficult and most desired.  I am a Love Abassador.  Join me, please, will You?

©2011 Susan Stackpole  www.susanstackpole.com

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